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FUTURE of FOOD, part 4

kitchen of the future One example of this IoT ecosystem is Haier’s Internet of Food platform. Through the platform, a refrigerator not only stores food and keeps it fresh but also connects with other kitchen appliances, water heaters, air-conditioning systems, laundry machines, and other devices for smart cooking, housekeeping, and environmental settings. In addition, Haier’s Internet of Food integrates more than 200 resources across eight categories, allowing users to buy ingredients directly from farms and nutritionists, for example, and then…

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FUTURE of FOOD, part 3

Future of food – Where will it come from? – Enjoy pleasures of food without calories – cultured meat – synthetic biology – sustainable food – revolution in biology – food for space – This article is inspired by and partly taken from the exhibition: ‘Antwerp á la carte’ in the MAS -Museum aan de Stroom- in Antwerp, Belgium. “The history of the city, on the surprising, erratic and often invisible trail of food”. ideas from the MAS exhibition: Hungry…

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LANDBOUW: Waterwatch Cooperative

Mission of Waterwatch Cooperative By 2050 our planet will be home to 9,9 billion people. To feed this larger, more urban and more richer population, food production must increase by 70%. The challenge is strongest in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia where agricultural production will have to rise faster than population growth. The mission of Waterwatch Cooperative is to make essential information services for AgriFood accessible and affordable to all actors in the value chain: farmers, producer cooperatives, processors, traders, financial…

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