GEZONDHEIDSZORG: “What will humans look like in 100 years?”

GEZONDHEIDSZORG: “What will humans look like in 100 years?”

Royal Opera House dancer Jordan Ajadi.
Photograph: Gustavo Papaleo for the Guardian

‘We will get regular body upgrades’: what will humans look like in 100 years?
Mechanical exoskeletons, bionic limbs, uploadable brains: six experts’ visions of 2118

‘Able-bodied people will use prosthetic limbs’: Samantha Payne, co-founder and chief operating officer of Open Bionics, a Bristol-based robotics firm.

‘By 2030, I expect humans to be regularly going into body shops for upgrades’: Zoltan Istvan, transhumanist author and campaigner

‘You could have people living for thousands of years’: Aubrey de Grey, biomedical gerontologist and chief science officer of the Sens Research Foundation, a charity focused on age-related disease

‘My partner and I identify as cyborgs’: Moon Ribas, co-founder of the Transpecies Society in Barcelona

‘The body will have human elements, but will be integrated with technology’: Braden Allenby, environmental engineer at Arizona State University and co-author of The Techno-Human Condition

‘I’d like to bring the brain online’: Bryan Johnson, founder of Kernel, the California startup that designs brain-machine interfaces

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